David Collipp, MD

Division: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

David Collipp, MD

Dr. Collipp's formative years were in New York, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island, although he was born in Seattle, Washington. He moved to Mississippi from Buffalo, New York in 1995 following residency, immediately after marrying a Buffalo gal.

Dr. Collipp chose pain management and rehabilitation as this branch of medicine frequently sees patients enjoy meaningful improvement in their function and quality of life, and this branch of medicine is typified by using a wide range of treatments, and modalities, with innovative applications.

Dr. Collipp has been practicing pain management and rehabilitation for about 20 years and specializes in sports and spine PMR. He is a clinical physician, with the concentration on the practice of medicine by physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, various modalities, medications and injections. He also refers for more complex injection techniques and surgery, and chiropractic treatments. Dr. Collipp has served as Chief of Medicine at a hospital, as Medical Director of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Medicine, and an Amputee Clinic. He has been performing electromyography for at least 20 years as well, in the evaluation of nerve damage.

Dr. Collipp is particularly interested in the treatment of disorders of the spine, and sports and industrial injuries.

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